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Jandowae, in Queensland, Australia, is situated on Highway 82. It is 48 kilometres north of Dalby, en route to Mundubbera. Today, Jandowae is home to approximately 1000 people.



Residents and visitors are well catered for having many of the amenities enjoyed by much larger towns. Visitors are always welcome in this friendly country community, with plenty of accommodation available in three hotels and a caravan park.


Jandowae boasts a state of the art Community and Cultural Centre which incorporates the town library, tourist information, arts and crafts, professional offices, meeting room and public toilets.


The Centre is also a Queensland Government Agency Program office, which provides one-stop access to more than 400 government services for the people of Jandowae and surrounding districts.

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Surrounded by rich alluvial soil, Jandowae is noted for cattle and grain growing. This quiet little country town is located in one of the largest wheat growing areas in Queensland.


The rich soil of the district also produces some of the state’s finest barley, oats, sorghum, millet, panicum, sunflower, safflower and linseed.


Jandowae also grazes and breeds cattle. Several notable dairy and beef studs can be found in the district. In recent times, a native flower growing industry, exporting to Asia, has been established.

Things to see and do


Visitors to Jandowae can access a number of scenic drives in the Diamondy and Cooranga North hills and across the Jimbour plains. On these drives, the historic stations of JinghiJinghi, Jolimont, Lyndley and Jimbour House may be seen.


Activities such as Bowls, Golf, Tennis, Swimming and Squash can all be enjoyed, as well as a new skate park facility for the kids.


See our Tourism page for more information about things to see and do in Jandowae.

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